Indocomics - De ‘katjangs’ van de stripkunst
Ruud den Drijver / Baltimore Book /2022

Book by Ruud den Drijver about the history of Indo-European cartoonists including Oscar de Wit

“Since the 1960s, Indo-European cartoonists have left their mark on international comic art. This book tells the detailed story of more than thirty artists with an Indian, Moluccan or Indonesian background. About their history, the style (influences) and the content of various comic books.”

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Schilderend op het balkon kwam het verlangen naar vrijheid
Oscar de Wit / NRC Handelsblad / 11 June 2020

Article by Oscar the Wit in Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblad about his experiences during lockdown in the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic

“ On the balcony in lockdown, Oscar de Wit (84) paints the view from his balcony. Beauty is linked to freedom, he realizes, thinking back to his time in the Japanese internment camp.”

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Photo’s by Merlijn Doomernik for NRC Handelsblad

Unieke tentoonstelling Oscar de Wit
Telegraaf / 10 March 2011

Online video of Dutch national newspaper the Telegraaf on the exposition of Oscar de Wit at the Provincial House Haarlem in 2011

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Barber van de Pol door Oscar de Wit
Oscar de Wit about writer Barber van de Pol (1944) and his portrait of her for the Museum of Literature, The Hague (2004)
Piet Meeuse door Oscar de Wit
Oscar de Wit about writer Piet Meeuse (1947) and his portrait of him for the Museum of Literature, The Hague (2004)
Oscar de Wits zelfonderzoek met verf en inkt
Ronald Spoor / Tirade 292 / Van Oorschot / 1984

Article by Ronald Spoor in Dutch literary magazine Tirade from publisher Van Oorschot about Oscar de Wit’s work as an artist and writer

Kronieken, Nederlandse Letteren Oscar voor de Wit
Hugo Bousset / Nieuw Vlaams Tijdschrift / Jaargang 34 / Jan+Feb 1981

Article by Hugo Bousset in Belgian magazine Nieuw Vlaams Tijdschrift about Oscar’s book Met Koele Obsessie

Ik ben een Hollander, als ik ga schelden, doe ik dat op Hollanders, niet op Hottentotten
Frits Abrahams / Vrij Nederland / 13 December 1980

Interview with Oscar de Wit by Frits Abrahams in Dutch magazine Vrij Nederland

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Van der Hoogtprijs voor Oscar de Wit
NRC Handelsblad / 21 November 1980

Oscar receives the book award ‘Lucy B. en C.W. van der Hoogtprijs’ for his book Met koele obsessie at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam on 28 November 1980

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Oscar de Wit: Drawings and texts
Jef Cornelis / Belgian Radio and Television (BRT) / 5 September 1979

Film of Belgian film director Jef Cornelis broadcasted by Belgian Radio and Television about and with Oscar the Wit following the publication of Oscar de Wit’s book With Cool Obsession 

Een reflexieve houding op televisie: dat is heel moeilijk - Interview met Jef Cornelis
Koen Brams & Dirk Pültau / De Witte Raaf / Editie 124 / November - December 2006

A reflexive attitude towards television: that's very difficult
English translation (by Mari Shields) of the interview with Jef Cornelis on his films about literature (1979-1982)

︎ Read the part of the interview where Jef Cornelis talks about Oscar de Wit here
Met Koele Obsessie
Oscar de Wit / De Bezige Bij / 1979 / 432 pag.

Publication of Oscar de Wit’s book Met Koele Obsessie (With Cool Obsession) an autobiographical novel with parallel narratives

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Le retour de “PANIQUE”
Messidor / Paris / 13 December 1977

Invitation to the exposition of the group “Panique” at Messidor in Paris, France

ArrabalRoman CieslewiczRoland ToporChristian Zeimer, Olivier O. Olivier and Oscar de Wit

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Peinture au Beurre
Galerie Jean Briance / Paris / 18 May - 8 July 1978

Group exhibition with Oscar de Wit at Galerie Jean Briance, Paris, France

Le Milieu de l’Art
André Morain / Paris / Chêne / 1977

Catalog accompanying the French photographer André Morain's exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris with more than 500 photographs of personalities from the art world. It includes photos from 15 years of vernissages among which is the opening of the Galerie Jean Briance with the group exhibition Trait pour Trait in 1976 where Oscar de Wit participated.

Trait pour trait
Galerie Jean Briance / Paris / 11 march 1976

Group exhibition of 50 autoportraits at Galerie Jean Briance in Paris, France.

Artists included amongst others Pat Andrea, Jim Dine, Alberto Giacometti, David Hockney, Sonja Hopf, Willem van Malsen, Olivier O. Olivier, Francis Picabia, Roland Topor, Chistian Zeimert and Oscar de Wit.